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Program description:

Bev's kiddie daycare offers a quality program designed to meet the individual needs of all children in our care. Our goal is to provide a safe and nurturing atmosphere, accompanied by a stimulating learning environment. Our program will meet the needs of each child in order to promote their physical, intellectual, emotional, and social well being. We provide a foundation designed to prepare each child to reach his or her full potential. Our Universal Pre-K Program for 4year olds is aligned with the State’s Common Core Standards. Our School Readiness Goals enable us to set high expectations for children and our strategies foster student success.

1. Language development:

Children are helped to develop and sharpen their skills and increase their reading readiness through activities which involve receptive and expressive language, such as communication, listening, music, arts, crafts, science, block play, dramatic expression, and social studies. Children are encouraged to talk with adults and other children in order to learn new words and communication skills. Vocabulary is built through carefully planned activities, including group discussions, language games, and the reading of stories and poems.

2. Math concepts:

Children are carefully guided into systematic number thinking through the counting of blocks and other objects, and by taking turns during games and other activities. In this way, children gain an understanding of numbers and order.

3. Science concepts:

Children are helped to develop science concepts through many hands on activities. Some of these activities include nature activities, discussing the weather and seasons, water play and measurement.

4. Computer skills:

As children learn to become familiar and comfortable with educational software, they are also learning to develop their language skills, reading readiness skills, math skills and fine motor coordination. In addition, computer skills prepare children to become computer literate and be ready for the future.

5. Gross motor skills:

Children are helped to develop motor coordination skills through indoor and outdoor activities Which involve whole body movement. Children are exposed to playground equipment, dance, exercise, and other games and activities that strengthen and improve gross motor coordination skills.

6. Fine motor skills:

Children are encouraged to develop their fine motor skills through activities such as coloring, painting, arts and craft, cutting, pasting, tracing, and drawing. Eye/hand coordination is strengthened and developed as well.

7. Social relationships:

Through the various daily activities, children learn to work and play independently, to feel at ease being away from home and to interact with other children. They also learn to participate in small group activities which foster social attitudes and behaviors such as cooperation, respect, and sharing. As a result, children develop a better sense of self,
which builds self- esteem.

8. Discipline:

Discipline provides an opportunity to enable a child to develop self control and assume Responsibility for his or her actions through clear and consistent rules. Discipline is used to guide the behavior of children for the protection and growth of all children. Some techniques And methods used to help children solve problems include, but are not limited to, redirecting the child to an alternate activity, rewarding acceptable behavior, encouraging children to talk it out, modeling appropriate behavior, seeking other solutions, and time out to gain control and composure. Parents will be informed of any behavioral problems with their children. Where a child's behavior is very disruptive or is likely to result in harm to another child or property, the child will be dismissed. Parents will be given notice of this decision.

We also use the mother goose time preschool curriculum.

Field trips:

Educational trips will be planned. We take field trips to museums, puppet shows, aquarium and other educational facilities.

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